Noah’s Arc LLC

Victor Anastasiu
2 min readApr 8, 2023

Which would be the Noah’s Arc business organisation in the coming years? Capable to flow over a river of change?

Here is my prediction and hope based on historical patterns and guess. We can take Agrarian and Industrial as past references. The current one doesn’t have an established name. I propose Cognitive era.

All of these periods were always overlapping though in different percentages. Industry in the agrarian world was a man manufacturing three wood knives. Cognition was about thinking and speaking what to cultivate and where.

If we visualize them as waves, each wave created the context for the next one to become bigger and label the era with its name, the olde ones dropping to the bottom in terms of generating capital. Not in importance but in capital.


This was the longest era. Measured in millennia. The primary resource was land to build shelters, cultivate food and feed animals. The primary work force was human brute force. In the evolution toward more efficient ways of extracting the land resources, tools more efficient were created and then scaled.


Once a certain level of scalability of tools was achieved, factories appeared and we entered industrial era. The resources moved deeper underground and diversified. Minerals, oil and other were extracted. Human brute force is no longer needed but the cognitive one: white collars.


As cognitive factories (AIs) are scaling up in performance we move to Cognition era. There is still need for intelligent people but in a different sense. The intelligent people of tomorrow should be able to think from higher levels of minds. Now we are used to say and teach children in top schools to develop what is called second-order thinking skills. Theoretically the scale of order thinking can grow but there are cognitive limits to where this can scale for human minds.

In any case, I foresee the future companies to build AIs on top of AIs harvesting both vertical and horizontal layers of information.

Sooner or later the only resources to harvest at this level will be human experience both from inside (emotions/perceptions/biometrics) and outside (sounds/locations/other people). The human scale equivalent of genetic and epigenetic, the front runner of the industrial pharma industry research.

Will this resource be used for free as of today? Will be bought at a fix price (like an UBI) in exchange for food and TikTok? Will free float in a market based on its uniqueness?